jewelry manufacture and wholesale
  • yellow rose feather headband

    Item No.:HB51

  • peacock feather headband

    Item No.:HB50

  • embroidery feather headband

    Item No.:HB49

  • triple-tone feather headband

    Item No.:HB48

  • feather headband

    Item No.:HB47

  • feather headband

    Item No.:HB46

  • bowtie feather hairband

    Item No.:HB45

  • elegant feather hairband

    Item No.:HB44

  • red feather headband

    Item No.:HB43

  • black feather headband

    Item No.:HB42

  • feather hairband

    Item No.:HB41

  • orange rhinestone maple leaf hairclip

    Item No.:HC65

  • rhinestone leaf hair clip

    Item No.:HC64

  • brown rhinestone butterfly hair clip

    Item No.:HC63

  • pink rhinestone hair ornaments

    Item No.:HC62

  • women rhinestone hair ornaments

    Item No.:HC61

  • red strawberry hair clip

    Item No.:HC60

  • blue rhinestone dolphin hairclip

    Item No.:HC59

  • green rhinestone leaf hairclip

    Item No.:HC58

  • red rhinestone cherry hairclip

    Item No.:HC57

  • leaf rhinestone hair clip

    Item No.:HC56

  • rhinestone women hair clip

    Item No.:HC55

  • brown rhinestone hairclip

    Item No.:HC54

  • rhinestone star hair ornaments

    Item No.:HC53

  • rhinestone handbag hairclip

    Item No.:HC52

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