jewelry manufacture and wholesale
  • gold rhinestone cross pendent necklace

    Item No.:PN213

  • gold rhinestone apple pendent necklace

    Item No.:PN212

  • gold rhinestone dolphin pendent

    Item No.:PN211

  • green rhinestone flower pendent necklace

    Item No.:PN210

  • rhinestone cz gold basket pendent necklace

    Item No.:PN209

  • gold rhinestone beetle pendent

    Item No.:PN208

  • gold rhinestone cross pendent

    Item No.:PN207

  • gold cross crown pendent

    Item No.:PN206

  • rhinestone teddy bear cup pendent jewelry

    Item No.:PN205

  • red acrylic girl large glass figure

    Item No.:PN204

  • cute girl

    Item No.:PN203

  • silver tone chinese county magistrate pendent jewelry

    Item No.:PN202

  • chinese traditional culture the gold of wealth

    Item No.:PN201

  • large coffee pearl pendent necklace pearls beads chain

    Item No.:PN200

  • blue pearl white pearl pendent necklace

    Item No.:PN199

  • enamel yellow umbralla pendent necklace

    Item No.:PN198

  • red umbralla gold chain rhinestone bowtie

    Item No.:PN197

  • blue zirconia ring pendent gold chain

    Item No.:PN196

  • pink gemstone pendent gold tone

    Item No.:PN195

  • cz rhinestone pendent jewelry

    Item No.:PN194

  • cz rhienstone gold chain pendent necklace

    Item No.:PN193

  • gold tone shoes rhinestone pendent necklace

    Item No.:PN192

  • high-heels-shoes cz rhinestone pendent

    Item No.:PN191

  • cigarette box jewelry pendent necklace

    Item No.:PN190

  • beverage drink can pendent jewelry

    Item No.:PN189

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