jewelry manufacture and wholesale
  • artistical bowl pendent with ribbon tie

    Item No.:PN188

  • cigarette case pendent necklace

    Item No.:PN187

  • refreshing bulb pendent with bowtie ribbon

    Item No.:PN186

  • rhinestone teddy bear pendent necklace

    Item No.:PN185

  • multi layers tous bear costume necklace

    Item No.:PN184

  • rhienstone black guy pendent

    Item No.:PN183

  • bulb pendent with bow tie ribbon

    Item No.:PN182

  • tobacco pipe pendent necklace

    Item No.:PN181

  • cross pendent silver

    Item No.:PN159

  • key pendent necklace silver

    Item No.:PN158

  • cross pendent necklace

    Item No.:PN157

  • lipstick pendent necklace

    Item No.:PN156

  • faceted heart pendent

    Item No.:PN155

  • cubic zirconia pendent

    Item No.:PN154

  • drop pendent

    Item No.:PN153

  • cz pendent necklace

    Item No.:PN152

  • fashion pendent

    Item No.:PN151

  • sliver plated pendent

    Item No.:PN150

  • silver LOVE heart pendent necklace

    Item No.:PN146

  • gold tone pendent

    Item No.:PN145

  • large vintage owl necklace

    Item No.:PN139

  • fashion owl necklace jewelry

    Item No.:PN138

  • articulated owl necklace

    Item No.:PN137

  • owl necklace wholesale

    Item No.:PN136

  • vintage owl necklace pendent

    Item No.:PN135

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