jewelry manufacture and wholesale
  • black owl necklace

    Item No.:PN134

  • cute owl necklace jewelry

    Item No.:PN133

  • vintage owl necklace

    Item No.:PN132

  • elephant locket necklace

    Item No.:PN131

  • vintage elephant necklace jewelry

    Item No.:PN130

  • vintage elephant necklace

    Item No.:PN129

  • black vintage camera necklace

    Item No.:PN128

  • vintage black camera pendent

    Item No.:PN127

  • camera pendent necklace

    Item No.:PN126

  • heart locket pendent

    Item No.:PN125

  • cutout love letter heart pendent

    Item No.:PN124

  • fashion heart locket necklace

    Item No.:PN123

  • heart locket necklace

    Item No.:PN122

  • vintage flower patterned necklace

    Item No.:PN121

  • eiffel tower pendent necklace

    Item No.:PN120

  • crown and key pendent necklace

    Item No.:PN119

  • grey cameo locket necklace

    Item No.:PN118

  • vintage jewelry wholesale locket pendent

    Item No.:PN117

  • vintage bronze locket necklace

    Item No.:PN116

  • cameo locket necklace

    Item No.:PN115

  • antique brass locket necklace

    Item No.:PN114

  • Vintage Style white Cameo Locket Bronze Pendant Necklace

    Item No.:PN113

  • girl vintage locket necklace

    Item No.:PN112

  • vintage locket necklace

    Item No.:PN111

  • vintage locket pendent neckalce

    Item No.:PN110

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