jewelry manufacture and wholesale
  • slipper pendent /keychain

    Item No.:K38

  • platinum plated teddy bear pendent /keychain

    Item No.:K37

  • rhinestone lizard keychain /pendent

    Item No.:K36

  • enamel fish pendent /keychain

    Item No.:K35

  • rhinestone handbag keychain /pendent

    Item No.:K34

  • lovely monkey pendent /key ring

    Item No.:K33

  • rhinestone cicada pendent /keychain

    Item No.:K32

  • pink tous bear pendent/ keychain

    Item No.:K31

  • enamel frog pendent /keychain

    Item No.:K30

  • enamel cow pendent /keychain

    Item No.:K29

  • enamel turtle pendent/ keychain

    Item No.:K28

  • 3D bicycle pendent /keychain

    Item No.:K27

  • enamel rose flower pendent /keychain

    Item No.:K26

  • enamel fish pendent /key chain

    Item No.:K25

  • enamel cherry fruit pendent /keychain

    Item No.:K24

  • rhinestone lizard pendent /keychain

    Item No.:K23

  • crystal decorated handbag keychain /pendent

    Item No.:K22

  • rhinestone kitty pendent /keychain

    Item No.:K21

  • enamel love heart

    Item No.:K20

  • lilac rhinestone frog pendent /key ring

    Item No.:K19

  • rhinestone key pendent keychain

    Item No.:K18

  • fashionable red rhinestone elephant key ring /pendent

    Item No.:K17

  • 3D rhinestone heart pendent /key ring

    Item No.:K16

  • blue enamel sheep pendent /keychain

    Item No.:K15

  • enamel butterfly pendent/key ring

    Item No.:K14

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