jewelry manufacture and wholesale
  • red enamel insect keychain /pendent

    Item No.:K13

  • topaz rhinestone high-heeled-shoes pendent/keychain

    Item No.:K12

  • 3D rhinestone heart pendent/keychain

    Item No.:K11

  • crystal chanel flora heart keychain /pendent

    Item No.:K10

  • rhinestone crystal shoes keyring/pendent

    Item No.:K9

  • rhinestone owl pendent keychain /pendent

    Item No.:K8

  • red enamel key crown keychain pendent

    Item No.:K7

  • enamel goldfish pendent /key ring

    Item No.:K6

  • enamel owl pendent keychain with long tail

    Item No.:K5

  • cartoon animal keychain

    Item No.:K4

  • shoes and football keychain

    Item No.:K3

  • swarovski rhinestone dolphin pendent keychain

    Item No.:K2

  • enamel owl pendent keychain

    Item No.:K1

  • car jewelry keychain

    Item No.:K0050

  • enamel car logo keychain

    Item No.:K0049

  • platinum/silver car keyring

    Item No.:K0048

  • gold car logo keyring

    Item No.:K0047

  • car logo keychain

    Item No.:K0046

  • Key Ring

    Item No.:K0045

  • Key Ring

    Item No.:K0044

  • Key Ring

    Item No.:K0043

  • Key Ring

    Item No.:K0042

  • Key Ring

    Item No.:K0041

  • Key Ring

    Item No.:K0040

  • Key Ring

    Item No.:K0039

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